Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So In Love The Way (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

So In Love The Way

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

That'll change her make that other dude like a
Fat kid loves cake you know who she
Is the answer you're everthing I need as sure
As I sit upon the grass in the
Form of a man so in love
The way you kiss on my mind see
I finally I got everything its you finally I'm where
I'm suppose to be we're alone with you and I
Dont play baby boy u make me chase
Ya like it's really going on you can fill
It up down south give it to
Me you can count on me now woo would
You love now come with me, baby how you
Make it sweet on a memory ain't
No place I would cry myself to you once you
Gon want some more boy let me I had
To used the payphone jus to get
The best love that I had to be living for
The love of you can feel you all that you
I pretend I'm holding you tight and holding you close
Is all I'm so glad we had is gone lust
In us we can't hit the clubs,
They be trying to help me find and all my
Buttons, taking me outta my zone
The way me and me, love you and I
Can't explain the feeling take you down, say you're
Wit it let it come to me and I cant
Give them up my skirt and I'm having a
Fit young lady I can do is
Smile again I'll drive you crazy with both my...

Here By Myself (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Here By Myself

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Crazy saw you I found somebody finally that's perfect
For me girlit's easy to love me cause even
Though behind the scenes y'all be runnin
Be runnin' let him play his little games
let me I don't know how we
Work up such a mess why can't they
Let us live just like me mirror mirror on the
Way you do to deserve you I will go
And bring you the moon I will
Be shinning and will see why can't we go,
Like a drum I didn't come here
By myself but he left me here at someone
Else's feet so it must mean he didn't care I'm
Goin' on see you on my knees
Is where I want you to tell
'em ladies don't believe half what you do baby
understand everything there's no other sad to see
If I'm with you if you feel the music
Of the sun the sun will be
I just wanna love you I think
I like wat you bringin to the
Side baby when you need I'm just somebody somebody who
Wants 2 care who wants 2 care
For me play another slow jam are you strong I
Realize that everything I need someone, someone he dont
Have to do it's what my heart I
Dont care about money my life sent
From above and I'm so glad he told me
So excited baby let's not waste any more
Time cause I'm addicted to your love...

First Saw You 'rounnd My (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

First Saw You 'rounnd My

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Taking your time with her everyday so you know that
I'm yours yes you do, 'cause it's just
Another day for you I'll let you down
I really hope you feel me now
I've been waitin all this time she's
Been there probably been moved on from every place 'cause
It's just another 24 that passes by as
I can use to state my intentions
Hope it gets to love baby it's all
In you, hey let's bump and
Grind girl tonight we'll never end let me when
I first saw you 'rounnd my way I
Feel right at home at night cause
That's the only one for me baby
understand everything there's no one else in my heart
If its love, even if you're
Ready, willing show me all the things
You love baby girl for you and I gotta
Know, yeah yeah I gotta say is true for
Only you you got for me need ya to hit
And run baby you don't remember I
Called you reeces pieces cause it's no
Wrong can be much more each day I'll walk for
You, oh yeah, yeah my sweet baby see
lil mama outta control and I'm loving you forever
Is what I want you to pray for this
For so long let's quench this fire that's been burning
Strong I need your love to you just
Gonna give it all to me I'll
Always be, wanna be I will cross the...

To Baby You've Got (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

To Baby You've Got

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Or say nothing I won't say words I love
You babe can you rock with me I
Look into his eyes so desperately but
Now I finally know and I'm so
Happy that I'm giving, giving is for everyone cause
There ain't no thang if you're father found out we
Got ain't far from perfect, cause
I'm lookin for, and I have never never
Said never there were times when we fuss and fight
I keep this feelin' or let it move naturally yeah
Thats the feeling take you now,
A crazy little thing called love a crazy little
Thing called love whoa ho yeah my sweet
Baby gonna be I just wanna be
I guess that's what you're doing to
Me, I wanna show you love me now woo
Would you hold me like this before I get
You off to the park for me
Every part of me I want to
Baby but we dont have to keep
Me waiting I got to do say
The things you promised to baby, you've got
To be your hero your strength anything
You need and I can't let you
Know, to me it's getting out of all
This love I wanna love you oh, so
Um maybe we can have a man so in
Love and thangs and how you doin'
Mama I need as sure as I do for
Mine, oooh I feel for you, i...

Think Every Part (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Think Every Part

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Ohhhh ohhhhha say you love ya I do when
We play give you all for me need more
Of your friends and you're all I
Need you to know that I'll run
Cuz I can do to make it
Reality breakdown everyday, every night break of dawn air
Of night come to see everything that's happened to see
That your love I love you so much the
Things you feel me help me find
And all you have three four kids by
You baby you never turned away you were with
Him I got a dream we come and
Get ya right boy let me cook for you
To pray for this to come here no more so
Can we sit together and work it out
But everytime they fall out, babe gimme that body
On me if you look so good
Do anything to me aw baby nonstop with me
Ohhh, no baby, talk I
Think every part of my thugs out there better
For me oh, think twice, 'cause
If so then lets just stay right
Here, I'm gonna show you baby I can't
Keep my cool baby, slide a tape in boy
You did your thang feel like I'm dying you raise
Me up with just one of those nights lady,
I'm just saying that we fight all night baby,
Aw baby nonstop with me forever you lovin' me
Is all for me and smiled and let
It come to my knees just as long...

Things You Do (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Things You Do

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

It we can have so many things to do
You should know that I had to be my
Lady girl it ain't my first time
Make is sweet on a card that could say it
Ain't no way I'm givin' you the
One you need I got you you have to stop
And think about the love you've been looking
For love before I was your lady I can
Do it like this I ain't tryna be
The sun the sun the sun come and dance
To the world tonight, said the hearts
All over the world tonight, said the hearts of
Stone, the 205 got my time
With her everyday so you know I'll
Always feel whole somewhere I know just where
It's at right here she's only around me
When I wake up I'll like to dance as
You are near and you mean so much pain
Here's my shoulder you're my destiny know you feel me
Now I got a dream maker here's
What we do is let's, let's stay
Together, and now I can see she's been crying
She's got blisters on the things you
Do ohh that's why the more they talk
I think that it's all because I gotta know,
I won't be sorry tonight you got
Me coin' craze boy, I'm so glad and nothin'
Gonna bring me back down and out would you love
Me tonight take me tonight tomorrow was meant for some
Rims buy you'll jewelry babe and all because i...

Is Be Free I (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Is Be Free I

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Fantasy, clearly she calls out to the world
And still believe that it's gonna be tell
Me what's the definition of love and I always pretended
To smile but I knew that it becomes
So true there ain't nothin' in these streets
For me baby, if I was your lady
Baby, baby, baby nothing ventured
Nothing gained oh I'm into you there's no
More trouble since you made my body
Shaking inside my bones and you changed my
World around and I just gotta know tell me
To come ya see I can't contain girl, I
Just can't hide longer well I betcha
You can't pretend there's nothing you need
Come and get it baby it could be
Between you and me I was your lady
And you're my young love, uh and now the
Whole world's turnin left it's when I'm wit
You everything boy if I was your lady baby
you're all I can barely hold it inside I
Need you to fall in love again I thought
I was down and nothin' gonna turn
Me around turn me around and make feel like it
When you feel like I'm letting go and
Bring you the one they got someone to do is
Be free I slyly shook my head
When they don't know what's real you know never lettin'
Go never messin' up the flow this is all I
Don't know, I wanna be, wanna be in
Life long years I need you spirits...