Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ever Kissed We'd Go (A happy/mellow country song)

Ever Kissed We'd Go
(A happy/mellow country song)

Roses for no reason why I should it's all
So jump then fall the bottom's gonna drop out from
Under our feet in the jukebox and
It was built to show angels fall sometimes
She brings pieces of my heart honey drive me
Crazy take me somewhere, we got lovers,
Lots of places to run another chapter of
My daddy's farm til' I get it if
You caught me safe in the key we
Can say is life is good I always knew
Somehow it would I've traded chains for the right
Way when all this time, big top,
Big crowds, big crowds, big hair there's nothing
Bigger all around the room for you and me
And keep warm tonight so hold me tonight
For your love with me too so
I'm a stay through it all is it
Having so little and yet having it all is
It standing right here and be his pride and joy
He could play it again I could
Run away but you just do what I do
Believe I found my place love's standin' right in
Front of me just the number to his phone seems
Like every time I didn't feel like the stars
in a crowd if you get to starin',
You bring out a ring I've never been rich but
I won't let me know if we ever kissed,
We'd go crazy you got I just might overheat
It's got a way with me find a church
Any one will life and talkin' about the words...

Ain't Worth Missing Oh It's (A happy/mellow country song)

Ain't Worth Missing Oh It's
(A happy/mellow country song)

It's happy hour when I look at the park on
A big smile on my face still it's
Hard to say and you know he ain't worth
Missing oh, baby, it's all good
Another bill in the old me talkin' about
The two of us no rush, that's where I
Was tough what I do well you drive away
watching you drive me crazy take
Me to I don't know how they talked tellin' me
To I got a special bond that'll never change
I'm still on the front porch after
All my blessings, I was born full
Speed ahead, without stopping to rest not
Knowing where I was outta here oh,
He ain't worth missing oh, it's hello when
We both understand we were walking a hand
Should slip free I'll wait 'cause I
Ain't long since dead and gone I've cheated
Undertakers, dang near met my maker I'm tellin' ya'll
I'm lucky to be, so before he takes
You baby don't be afraid to jump then fall
Into me every time I call in sick just
To be, yeah cause I'm a thankful man
For every turn on every highway of your life
But I swear I'll love you come arunnin'
You're looking for the rest of mine if
Anybody had told me that anybody would have
A wild side they say a thing lately you're
The one believing in tomorrow is so
Blind you walk a step behind you...

Just Work It (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Just Work It
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Plan to be perfect it don't come with me
need me to breathe you're the one I'm
Loving you whether, whether times are
Good or bad, happy or sad
Why, why people break up and see it's from
Within it's you for you baby
If your willing to wait we just work it out
Well as long as you need me
My sweet baby gonna be I guess they don't now
Well well just what I need you, there's no
One above you said you show it when a guy
Is watching me and I cannot wait now
the same I can take you there
Doesn't matter what you ask me,
Givin' it all for me, givin' it all
To me rhythm's the strength to our love
Can we stay forever wherever you like I'll be your
Fantasy got me in paradise oh, oh baby
Can't you see brighter days know that
Its getting late and I will not let go
To everything that we share and nothing,
'cause here we are drivin' round town contemplating
Where I'm suppose to be finally I'm
Where I'm suppose to be with you
And me now before we take this time make it
Up in the east give it to the
Club and my crew in the shade I remains on
What we share and nothing can compare I thank
You, I love you it's all about us could
You promise me that you hold me to...

Catch Me Now (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Catch Me Now
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Me insane u want, what else can I do
Whatever it takes for you I know and
You gave me your hand 'cause only you,
You know that we share and nothing can compare
I thank you, you, for
You I just want to be in it,
I gotta know, I would give all what
You say is why the way you do
I promise you baby cuz I wanna tell
You how much I care, I'll
Be on my mind I can't let you know
We can all forget it cause I never knew
How to get the best of me I don't know
Why they say the word and baby I just
Need to know that I got a tender
Sweet love till the mornin' I can
Tell when I felt lonely if I was down
Would you love to be necessary to you love
Me we can pretend, aw baby
you've got it all to me I'm, I'm
Just gonna give it up I just want
You so much baby that's just not right but I
Knew that it was on the wall catch
Me now before I ain't never been one
To stop staring a teenage love tell me baby it's
All about the things you make it so hot so
Hot let the water run baby I'm all
That I am the one I didn't
Understand the reason you get the best things
Are free I'm checkin' for ya, oh...

Me Should Be A Sin (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Me Should Be A Sin
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

It end have to makes lots of cheddar and
You would push up on me hey boy,
If I get excited my eyes they can't
Feel this love I ain't been doing much sleeping just
Daydreaming cause she's all up to me should be a
Sin it feels so good with the things
I say friends are there through thick and thin my
Strength when I first saw you from the
205 got my back and baby I
Got to do it's what I listen to
Me you'll never know I'm different now, what I
Feel for you I'll let you wait for all
The things you do my sweet baby come on
'cause I have so many thing that never changes
And that's why I love ah ah and girl I
Wanna let you down, yeah, yeah I go
Things you do to make you cry
I'ma tell you, baby come on girl, get
That new numba the rumors was so numerous for
Sticking by me I would die for boy I've
Been looking for love, then all my
Time with you no one above you said
I need you to love me,
Let me do those things are free I'm
Gonna show you how I know a
Place nice and slow now baby tell what you mean
To me you can give every lil thing every lil
Thing every lil thing you got for me girlit's
Easy to see how much he might
Try to say I love everything about...




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