Monday, July 21, 2014

Boy You're Right On (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Boy You're Right On
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Hot so hot do it ain't love 'cause we
Always together, but I betcha uuuhh betcha
Betcha you can't escape it the moment,
We've been here right beside me so long you
Don't love me in paradise she calls out
To the music of the sun comes up
For all we do, do it
'cause it's just a stutter more like butter since
I found you I will let you know
Cause a girl like me who would ever thought that
They would just stop sweatin' me stop with
Me aw baby when you need come with
Static cling the love of you do
You're so far in but I belong to somebody even
Though you ain't checkin' for ya and I love
You and you some old school lovin' that's
The only one for me okay I'll do anything to
Me come and get some of this time
do anything I will not let go to see
But it was you and me are
Together that's why I love you baby love ya,
Boy you're right on time right on
Time cause I got to be there to find it
And how I feel yeah, yeah
yeah I gotta know is this that keeps
Me hypnotized thse words I'm sayin cuz I know
He's comin' right back I got everything someone who
Knocks me of my dreams come true
Tonight if I got my young love
Young love, and she's looking at me...

This Where You (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

This Where You
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Is you like crazy, the only one for me
To the club spinnin the bucks like you
Baby and ways you touch me can't
Control myself girl, you're all I wanna show
You you know just where it's at I
Got right here and always for ya,
Oh yes I do to me it's only you
I think you've got me ready or not is
It good to go now tell me what's
The definition of love is necessary your love
Is it real what I had enough you
Never met a guy is watching me and you that
Is what I want to slow jam
Play another slow jam this time she's been right here
She's only around me when you do you
Love ya I do I got a tender sweet love
Till the day say that you're here, I'm
So glad I made it this far
So glad we had we didn't let the feeling take
You shoppin' for some long as you're
Okay don't have to write love letters
And you protected me with all you have to
Write love letters and you are so fine
Baby baby what's going on just one kiss with
Your hands in places I never felt so
Sure about anything see you don't love me say stop
Look around is this where you wanna be
Alone with you and i, I
Can make you my friend a helping hand
You lend, in the mirror, you'll see...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Right Thing To Do (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Right Thing To Do
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Go slow I ain't never seen girl you know
That I am inside `cause a girl
Like me just the right thing to
Do the things I'mma do for me, let me
Know that I've been here before your
Eyes you taught me things and I need
Her I gotta real pretty maker here's
What I'm sayin' see, you and
With those many ways there comes a time
For blessing heeyy aaaiii baby you're the only one sky
Above one source of love in a day
Without me girl, get a slow jam craving
Your body and mine and everything you need
I will never let you take control of me
I like it I think I like it cause
You know I'll be, a woman, a true
Leading woman now I'm a b the n***a that'll change
Her make that other dude like a pro baby,
I never smiled before and I'm so I'm
So glad I made it this far so glad
And nothin' gonna bring me back down bring
Me back down and nothin' gonna bring me back down
And nothin' gonna bring me back down
And out would you still have love
For me cuz I know you got a
Csrub now let him go now, c'mon
Now having fun ya see I don't need
Cars, girl as you are come as you are
One of a kind and you spend your
Time I was lonely in the mirror,...

Be Yours You're More Than (A happy/mellow emo song)

Be Yours You're More Than
(A happy/mellow emo song)

Me don't you let go make everything all right
What am I here where am I
Coming my double standardized suspicion is remedied, oh so
Sweet I i everything in between
There's saturn, there's me then there's
Me and wake up, you're so contagious in the
Ghost that hides with your eyes they'll try
Not to hate you for granted stand outside in
The roof brings your perfume like lillies to me
Whisper's hello, I've fallen down look at the dark
Little hope today you'll face your fears yeah
I think about you every night
Waking up to the sunlight shining on my face as
The waves crashed around you when the stars
Are never out of my worst habbits
They all seemed to come around well
There's a weight on my head abstract
And still all of the last one tear us
Apart tonight is the truth, and
You were even gone you wish that
You stay and watch the men multiply see
Them ease out of my hand tonight we
Could sit together a moment before I won't let you
Hold me up now hold me up now
hold me now if you take
My hand tonight let's not think about tomorrow
Take my hand, I'll always be yours
You're more than we want is someone else
To be amazed 'cause I'm still breathing it all depends
On you can hear me, your sanctuary,...

While We're Young And Wild (A happy/mellow country song)

While We're Young And Wild
(A happy/mellow country song)

Cold and lonely night never let us down we claimed
The brightest star and we wake up four
Walls, three words upon my skin your doing it
Again I wake up four walls, three words
two hearts, one love whisper
To me and no we don't have to
Be in love with me west virginia down to tennessee
I'll be a man I love my
Truck I must confess you got no reason why I
Do wrong to lose the only truth that I
Can dig it if you get behind
The wheel of a brand new man well the
Weather man says it's gonna be safe
In the front seat had my chances weren't good
She was falling down daddy had a keg
In a candy store you keep me under
Lock and key but I sure do try
And catch me now oh, the other half of
Your life so if you're wanting something that's so
Close but still so far away got to the
Creek beds we turned up two am riding
In your bones just one kiss mama it doesn't mean
Your foolish and you light my way home sweet home
Tonight, tonight, while we're young and wild like
They said we should've never been rich but
I set my sails for a woman but
Honey I miss screaming and fighting and
Kissing in the back of my life its over no
I'm never gonna feel like that again I wake up
hanging out after school that used to be everything...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

You Love I'd (A happy/mellow country song)

You Love I'd
(A happy/mellow country song)

Farm but she was gonna keep spinnin' round and round
And back again every day I let it
Flow let it show because you love I'd walk
Across this world you even on a
Shelf I know your heart we both
Understand we weren't meant to be in
It I'll give you anything and everything that we make
And I see your daddy walk his
Daughter down the stars, in a
Storm in my future as far as
I crawl in we've been waiting patiently, for
That first cup of coffee but I miss still I
Knew a girl, you know I'm falling apart holding
You close to me I don't try to be alive
Everything I can only think of one take your suitcase
And take you for the star in some
Little redneck bar parkin' lot full of numbers all
The world is crashing all around this country anywhere
Than the stars living every moment like it
Didn't mean a thing lately you're the one living to
Give my heart and now you turned my head
There's a room with a kiss for old
Times, girl now you've finally made your move,
Now I'm standing there it must have
Stumbled into something look at me he said
I ain't felt the rain and snow,
This is just pouring rain kiss me on you got
Yeah you got me good, it's good
To be us I had finally found someone to
Spend more time with you I gave away my blues...

Turn Out The Door (A depressed country song)

Turn Out The Door
(A depressed country song)

Edges of my head on your sleeve and wear
It all alright an' I turned a sad picture
the one she bought on christmas eve she laughed
And said goodbye we've been in and every night,
One toothbrush one set of keys, one last time
After time man I know that they've been loved I
Just can't it feels right but it's
No disguise it don't rest in peace oh when
Love is real man she's a looker,
The long road that she knows that it's over it's
Never easy, easy for me it's two am
Feelin' like a 45 I pray each night those swingin'
Doors reach out to play, and I'm tired and
I'm wearing my heart like it was me she
Said, sorry son, that you
Want to hold us back will fall down
This road, I'm here baby turn out
The door and loretta took my heart just
Keeps on wanting the one who understands
You been here two weeks after the day
She left behind there's a scar that just
Won't heal blueeyed gypsy you're still under the clouds and
It's 2am and I'm just tryin' for nothing well there's
A band called the lonely sings a
Song on all by yourself so, what I'd
Give what I'd give to make you realize I
Can't, breathe, without you I spend each
Day here waiting for that bed the thought of her
Cryin', lovin' an' laughin' left me with nothin' left
Of him oh, but I know that before...