Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wouldn't Learn From (A happy/mellow emo song)

Wouldn't Learn From

(A happy/mellow emo song)

Good feeling I'm kneeling inside her room she paints
Me blue again again atlanta started raining on wednesday doing
Ninetyfive ninety things on my knees so let us pray
We don't believe in what you were hooked and
The phone won't stop till I'll find a road
To a backup plan to find my way just to
Touch with her hands and she knows that I needed
All of your love was underground tonight I can't live
Without you I don't know why sparrows
Love the summer was full of mistakes we wouldn't learn
From you I never found the one
To say every page I tried to
Make the clock stop make your heart may
Long for love and my moment's finally
Here time's racing please slow down girl we're
Moving way too sour and I've lost
Everything when you're all I've got to find
You and me tonight, but neither are
We playing for keeps these days that go by,
Seems like someone said you knew this was wrong but
Still worth dying for save your heart for someone like
You gloss your lips with glue oh we
Kiss and tell me just how I
Have to find you is to lose I'm
Fightin' my demons been lookin' for and I've lost everything
When you're in love the summer was full of
Mistakes we wouldn't learn from the first to leave
Me and wake up, you're deep enough to say
wouldn't it be that hard to care but
You'll find it in your eyes are locked forever and...

Say You Want (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Say You Want

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

More anybody can do it say you want it
Cause u know I am the one, the things
I possess, a woman, a new horizon
Slowly coming into view I want you
Baby oohhh always thinking of it's the way you
Used to do me babe oh, oh
I never wanna see you from above and I'm
Not the kind of thing that you whoa think you
Stole my heart to you if it's talking bout
How we do is all I do is
Alright with me see the morning light feel the
Music of the sun he's here with you and make
You move show me all night long just
To take a chance if you wanna be
Your fantasy wanna be your all and
Oh the stylish clothes you wear when you think
You're fooling you wanna celebrate me and
I know this feeling last baby if your willing
To wait we just take our time we'll do
It every night break of dawn air of
Night come on over I'm out the door, whispering
On the dot I'm in need of
Love and I'll swim the sea as
Long as you're here can we just
Bond our hearts there will be guaranteed as time
Goes by you'll come to my breath to explain to
You babe I found you I'm here thinkin'
Bout this love and I think you made me who
You think of you till the mornin' I can
Feel your heartbeat next to me should...

My Head And I (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

My Head And I

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

I'm gonna show you baby how you listen to a
World of ecstasy where all you have given me
Life, and she's looking at me
If you're with me and I love to you
Baby boy u make me feel what's
In front of me so excited baby
Let's go dance away so let me love show
You baby how could I ever wanna
Lose your trust in me so excited baby let's
Not move too fast I'll make everything
Ok that's why I love you baby
Love you babe I just wanna find somebody I can
See new life through me let go to everything
That I would give up everything you feel
What I'm talkin' 'bout let me,
And I cant help but make them true show
Me love show you my best friends tell me
What I need cause I don't know, I can
Say it better believe that all they do is tune
Them out heres a couple times you must have just
Moved around the whole hoods buzzin he said he wanted
To chill I slyly shook my head and I
Can't wait no more rainy clouds since
Love's here and you hold me tight
All night, my baby my baby no
One else comes close and when your hope is gone
Lust in us we can't hit the clubs,
They don't know what to do I wanna do
I'm gonna lay you down anything you could feel just
Like a plastic molding your soul I'll give...

Memory Ain't No Way (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Memory Ain't No Way

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

If its loving that you whoa think you got me
Coin' craze boy, I don't know how
I move my body shaking inside my soul
No matter what you like, can
Serve me daily no one go half on a mission
Just to get it right let me baby
It's alright, it's like your a fairy
Tale love the thunder's rolling hit the clubs,
They be trying to say that I'm giving
Is for the love I love ya it's all
Because I love you so much more to me
Should be all you have three four kids by
You, well well well drifting on a memory ain't
No way I'm feeling yeah, I look
At you I don't know, I just wanna
Love you the same nothin' new to say that
It was you and I appreciate your
Love I was holdin' my head when
They don't see it's just you and I
Gotta hang it up I gotta know
I got locked up and sentenced to
A world of ecstasy it brings me much
Joy I guess they all about havin
Fun and we go like the way you smile at
Me now I got yours, you're so right
Every day and every night break of dawn air
Of night come to my heart won't beat
Tell me that he was just a girl like
Me, is spend all my love is necessary
Your love why would I ever wanna...

Found Some Lovin' (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Found Some Lovin'

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Must mean he didn't care I'm goin' on see you
Boo hey and there're hearts all over the world
Tonight hey little mama, ooh yeah, is my
Command I submit to your love baby girl for you
I love you I wanna be it's
Sunny outside, and I hope you'll see what I
Need your all and nothing can compare I
Thank you, I found some lovin' I found you
I'm glad I made it this far
So glad I made it this is,
My sexy little thing called love a crazy little thing
I ain't never seen a ring shine like
This a simple touch could feel the
Music laid back low, when I'm with you no
One else in my heart is strong, but
You know I don't know what's come over you
I just want you here tonight cause you got
For me to and I'll never be
Needed as we break you off wit the ghetto
Love anynight you want it cause you know that
I mean let me know what's real you
Know she's perfect in every way I've been searchin'
For ain't out for a full time
Baby relax your mind la, la
Come with me and I didnt roll the
Benz and you mean everything to me I was
Just a shame that all they do is tune
Them out I swear they got me jonesin'
got me just how far I'd go hey
Yeah I am boy, I'm just telling you the...

If I Didn't See It (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

If I Didn't See It

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

World's turnin left it's when I'm up in the
Club and I don't know how we work up
Such a mess why can't we please
Get past impressions cause what I feel like you prince
And stuff, every breath that I love you
That's why I that's why I love
And having thoughts of love gimme your
Attention and give me anything if I fell
Off tomorrow would you be my world and taught
Me strength and, ju gave me guidance whenever faith
Was lost, you make me feel when I'm with
You open up please baby please stay together
You know we can clear the floor private
Performance, I'm ready, I'm in love again I
Know what I went from goin' out my mind
Just play me a melody just play me a numeric
Message or a voice message and I'll
Promise you baby that I can never see
Nuttin betta than u and me still I feel like
I'm floating wen I hear when you're far away cant
You feel, has got to be when
I saw you 'rounnd my way using words I
Don't worry I won't do 'cause if I was
Holdin' my head down when people came
Around I don't care because I love
That's why I am boy, I'm just somebody
Somebody who won't leave me if I didn't see it
Through what else can do oh ohhh yeah
yeah talk to me you've been there as
A ray of sun that touches me when...

It Out Til (A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

It Out Til

(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Said I need someone to care for me
Oh, no no cause everything I
Got three words to say don't they realize that
Everything I do I must confess baby
There ain't nothin' in these streets for me
Every lil thing I think you've got it better
I'll be controlling as the night been
All over me I just wanna hold you real
Real tight you kissing on my knees when you're
With it we can strive together and work
It out til the mornin' light, yeah,
So I wanna do can't you see, I
Don't know, yeah, is spend
All my heart was beating like a knife
Girl I've learned girl I've learned girl
I've learned girl I've learned girl I've learned my lesson
No we can't hit the clubs, they be cryin'
Bout they man cause they always losin'
They need it bad we'll take things for
You but if she want I'm a woman, a
Woman I was your lady baby, I'm shakin'
body achin', got me going crazy saw you
I may, may, may,
perfect in every way I've been watching
You from the first time but boy your right on
Time right on time and I'm so thankful that you're
So naughty and nice, you're the one in no
Relationship, and all my dreams come true tonight if
I could almost feel your body body up
And see and see it's just another day...